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Egyptian Gods

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Egyptian Ritual

Here...sooner than you the Egyyptian-style Ritual designed to make you a living Osirus. If you are not at a point in your life to become Osirus...
then don't bother trying will mean nothing. Most of what you will read is adapted from the Book of the Dead.

Also, this is for a group. I intend to modify it into a Solitary Ritual later... if that is possible. For is the ritual as I Recieved it. A lot of it will make no sense to ask questions. :)

Part One:

Arrange the Temple as you would normally...basically like a GD Temple. The God-forms to be assumed by the Priest(esse)s are:

Isis, who starts in the East of the Circle.
Horus, who starts in the South-East
Seth, who starts in the North-East
Anubis, who starts in the West or South-West

Isis is Kether, the Temple of the Ziggurrat, which is finally in site to the initiate. She is the High Priestess of the Tarot; the Qabalistic Path with connects Tipharteth and Kether. To best understand Isis' Symbology and Role in this ritual, study the High Priestess Card.

On the Alter, on the Enochian Seal of Truth, have a libation bowl in which to burn offerings. Also have the following items ready: Milk, incense, bread, and olive oil. Beside the Four Elemental Weapons, have rose petals in the East, Oil in the South, Water in the Chalice in the West, and Flour in the Pentacle in the North.

Also have four small side-alters in each quarter, each one with a small Egyptian Funerary Urn on it (the urns used to store the intestines, heart, etc).

Horus and Seth do not carry the Babylonian Ring and Rod here. Instead, Horus carries the Crook, and Seth carries the Flail. The symbology of these two tools is the same as the Rod and Ring, only on a Higher spiritual Level. Anubis carries the Sword. Isis carries the Ur uatchi. Also on hand for Anubis is a White Garment.

Finally, meat strips to be offered on the Horned Alter, and the Ur Khekau on hand for Horus. Horned Alter is lit, Candels in Four Quaters, and elsewhere, are lit, Veil is closed. Initiate is prepaired and outside the circle. He should be either clothed in very little (Egyptian-style kilt would work great),
or Skyclad. He is not bound in any way.

-Basic Circle Casting, Priest(esse)s assume God Forms.

-Isis begins by saying:

"O Ye who open the way and lay open the paths to perfected souls in the Hall of Osirus, the Scribe and Steward of all the Divine Offerings, "(initiate's name) who is Triumphant with You. May he enter in with a bold heart and may he come forth in peace from the House of Osirus. May he walk, and may he speak with You, and may he be a glorified Soul along with You. Seth, Lord of the Night, open Ye the way and lay open the paths."

-Seth circles clockwise to the South of the Alter and picks up the oil (not the olive oil). He then makes one complete spiral, clockwise, ending at the Southern side-alter. As He does this, He recites:

"Great Lord Ameset, Son of the Mighty Horus, Guardian of the South; be with us now, we beseech Thee, and offer Your protection to the soul of "

He then pours some of the oil into the Urn and caps the Urn. He returns to the alter, directly without circleing, replaces the oil, moves to the West, and takes the Chalice. Once again, He spirals outward once, stopping finally at the Western side-alter. As he does so, He recites:

"Great Lord Qebhsennuf, Son of the Mighty Horus, Guardian of the West; be with us now, we beseech Thee, and offer Your protection to the soul of "

He pours some of the Water into the Urn, caps it, returns to the alter, and replaces the Chalice. He then moves, clockwise, to the East and repeats the process with the Rose petals for Tuamautef at the Eastern side-alter. Then, He once more repeats the process in the North for Hapi. Use the same recitation, only replacing the God-Names and Directional References as is proper. After returning to the alter the last time, and replacing the Pentacle, he addresses Isis:

"Great Lady, the Temple is prepaired for the Admission of "

He finally returns to His starting place at the North-East of the Circle.

Part Two:

-The Initiate is brought to the West of the Circle, and is barred
(non-threateningly) by Anubis with His sword. Isis says:

"Behold, thy lips are set in order for thee, so that thy mouth may be opened."

-Horus, taking the Ur Khekau, comes before the Initiate. As He passes the alter on the way, He also takes the Olive Oil. He says to the Initiate:

"I have come to embrace thee, I am thy son Horus, I have pressed thy mouth;
I am thy son, I love thee. Thy mouth was closed, but I have set in order for thee thy mouth and thy teeth.
" -He presses the head of the Ur Khekau to the Initiate's lips.- "I open for thee thy mouth, I open for thee thy two eyes."
-He now removes the Ur Khekau.- "I have opened for thee thy mouth with the insturment of Anubis, with the Iron Tool with which the mouths of the Gods were opened. Horus hath opened the mouth of the dead, as He opened the mouth of Osirus, with the Iron which came forth from Seth, with the Iron Tool with which He opened the mouths of the Gods."

-Horus now takes the Olive Oil and annoints the Initiate's mouth and eyes. He says:

"I have annointed thy face with ointment, I have annointed thine eyes. May no ill-luck happen through the dethronement of his two eyes in his body, even as no evil fortune came to Horus through the overthrow of His Eye in His body."

-He returns the Olive Oil to the Alter and returns to His starting place.
Anubis holds the Book before the Initiate and the Initiate recites the Adoration to Osirus:

"Glory be to Osirus Un-nefer, the Great God withn Abydos, King of Eternity, Lord of the Everlasting, Who passeth through millions of years in His existance.
Eldest son of the womb of Nuit, engendered by Geb the Erpat, Lord of the crowns of the North and South, Lord of the lofty White Crown. As Prince of Gods and of men He hath recieved the Crook and the Flail and the Dignity of His Divine Fathers. Let Thy heart, which is in the mountain of Amenta, be content; for Thy son Horus is established upon Thy throne. Through Thee the World waxeth green in Triumph before thee might of Neb-er-tcher. He leadeth in His train that which is, and that which is not yet, in His Name Ta-her-seta-nef. He toweth along the Earth in Triumph in His Name Seker. He is exeeding mighty and most terrible in His Name Osirus. He endureth forever and forever in His Name Un-nefer. Homage to Thee, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Princes, who from the womb of Nuit hath possessed the World and hast ruled all lands. Thy body is of Gold, Thy headis of Azure, and emerald Light encircleth Thee. O An of millions of years, all pervading with Thy body and beautiful in countenance in Ta-sert. Grant Thou the Ka of myself, Osirus "splendour in Heaven and might upon Earth, and triumph in Neter-Khert, and that I may go iin and come out without repulse at the pylons of the Tuat. May there be given unto me loaves of bread in the House of Coolness, and offerings of food in Annu, and a homestead forever in Sekh-Aru with wheat and barley therefore. Khabs Am Pekht!"

Once the recitation is complete, the Initiate should have fully assumed the God-form of Osirus.

Part Three:

-Anubis now allows the Initiat into the Circle and leads him to the alter. He, Himself, then moves East of the alter between the two Pillars, obscuring the Initiate's view of Isis behind Him.

-Initiate says:

"I pray Thee, O Weigher of Rightousness, to guide the balance that it may be established."

-He then kneels at the alter as Anubis answers:

"Kneel, then, before the Alter of the Universe, and recite your obligation of Sacrifice unto the 42 Ascessors of Truth."

-Initiate Kneels and says:

"I invoke Thee, the Great Avenging Angel HUA, in the Divine Name IAO, that Thou mayest invisibly place Thy hand upon my head in attestation of my Obligation. I "do this day Spiritually bind myself; that I will to the uttmost lead a pure and unselfish life, and will prove myself a faithful and devoted servent of the Divine. I further promise and swear that with the Divine Permission I will, from this day forward, apply myself to the Great Work- which is to purify and exalt my Spiritual Nature so that, with the Divine Aid, I may, at length, attain to be more than the sum of my parts, and thus gradually raise and unite myself to my Higher and Divine Genious; and in this event I will not abuse the great Power entursted to me. I, furthermore, solemnly pledge myself never to debase my knowledge of pratical magick to purposes of evil and self-seeking, and low material gain or pleasure; and, if I do this, notwithstanding this, my Oath, I invoke the Avenging Angel HUA, that the evil and material may react on me. Finally, if in my travels I should meet a tranger who professes to be an Adept of the Hidden Knowledge, I will examine him wth care before aknowledging him to be such. Such are the words of this, my Obligation, whereunto I pledge myself in the Presence of the Divine Ones, and of the Great Avenging Angel HUA. And, if i fail herein, may my Rose be disintigrated and my power in magick cease."

-Anubis says:

"Thoth, the Rightous Judge of the Great Company of the Gods who are in the Presence of the God Osirus, saith, 'Hear Ye this Judgment! The Heart of Osirus hath in very truth been weighed, and his soul hath stood as a witness for him;
it hath been found true by trial in the Great Balance.'"

-Isis replies:

"That which cometh forth from Thy mouth hath been ordained. Osirus "is Holy and Rightous. Let it not be given to the devourer Amemet to prevail over him Entrance into the Presence of the God Osirus shall be granted unto him, as unto the followers of Horus."

-At this, Horus and Sethcome forward to the kneeling Initiate, and hand him the Crook and Flail. Flail in left hand, Crook in right, they are then crossed over the chest. As the Tools are crossed, the God-Form of Osirus descends from above the alter and envelopes the Initiate fully. Initiate is now an Osirus. During all of this, Anubis has returned to His starting postion in the West.

Part Four:

-Isis now steps forward to stand at the East of the Alter, between Horus and Seth. She lights the fire in the libation bowl. She then recites:

"O Osirus, all that is hateful in "hath been brought unto Thee,"
-Isis dips Her fingers into the Chalice and sprinkels Water into the bowl- "and all the evil words which have been spoken in his name. Come, O Thoth, and take them unto Osirus. Bring all the evil words which have been spoken and place them in the hollow of Thy hand; thou shlat not escape therefrom, thou shalt not escape therefrom. Whosoever marcheth, marcheth with his Ka. Horus marcheth with His Ka," -Horus offers incense into the bowl- "Seth marcheth with His Ka," -Seth offers incense- "Thoth marcheth with His Ka" -Isis offers incense-
"and Thy tet shall march with thy Ka." Hail "the hand of thy Ka is
before thee. Hail "the hand of thy Ka is behind thee. Hail "the leg of thy Ka is before thee. Hail "the leg of thy Ka is behind thee. I have given unto thee the Eye of Horus, and thy face is filled therewith, and the perfume thereof spreadeth over thee. The libations which are poured" -Isis sprinkles more water, Horus and Seth offer more incense- "out by thy sons, which are poured out by Horus, are for thee, O Osirus, and they are for Thee, O "I have come, and I have brought unto thee the Eye of Horus that thou mayest refresh thy heart therewith; I have placed it beneath thy feet, and I give unto thee whatsoever hat come forth from thy body that thy heart may not cease to beat through the want thereof, thy voice shall never depart from thee. Open thy mouth O "and taste the taste of the scent which is in the Holy Habitations. This scent is that which distilleth from Horus, this scent is that which distilleth from Seth, and it is that which establisheth the hearts of the two Horus Gods, thou purifiest thyself with the Heru-Shesu. Thou art pure, thou art pure, thou art pure, thou art pure. Thou art established amoung the Gods thy brethren; thy head is purified for thee, thy bones are washed clean with water, and thou thyself art made perfect with all that belongeth unto thee. O Osirus, I have iven unto thee the Eye of Horus, thy face is filled therewith, and the perfume thereof spreadeth over thee.

Hail "thy two jaws are unlocked. Hail "the two Gods have
opened thy mouth. O "the Eye of Horus hath been given unto thee and Horus cometh thereunto; it is brought unto thee and placed in thy mouth. Hail
"the nipples of the bosom of Horus hath been given unto thee and thou hast taken in thy mouth" -Isis offers milk- "the breast of thy sister Isis, and the milk is poured into thy mouth.

Thou has gotten possession of the Two Eyes of Horus, the White and the Black, thou hast taken them unto thyself and they illumine thy face. The Day hath made an offering unto thee in the heavens
" -Horus offers bread- "and the East and West are at peace with thee; the Night hath made an offering unto thee" -Seth offers bread- "and the North an South are at peace with thee.
These are the offerings which are brought unto thee, the offerings which thou seest, the offerings which thou hearest, the offerings which are before thee, the offerings which are behind thee, the offerings which are with thee. A royal offering to the Ka of "Osirus "thy mouth is opened by that with
which thou art filled. O Osirus "the Eye of Horus which strove with Seth hath been given unto thee, and thou hast lifted it to thy lips." - Isis gives Initiate the Chalice. He slowly drinks it's contents as Isis continues.-
"O Osirus "thy mouth is opened by that with which thou art filled. O Osirus "that which hath distilled from thee hath been given unto thee.
O "the Eye of Horus hath been given unto thee that thou mayest be able to taste," -Isis offers bread- "and that thou mayest illumine the Night. O
"the Eye of Horus hath been given unto thee that it may embrace thee. O Osirus "the Eye of Horus hath been given unto thee, in order that it may lead thee unto the Gods. O Osirus "the Two Eyes of Horus hath been laid like paint upon thy face." -all three offer incense. Anubis moves into position with white garment behind Initiate.-

"Clothe thyself in peace! Put thou on thy apparel in peace! May Tatet put on apparel in peace!" -Anubis lays the garment over Initiate's shoulders as Isis continues.- "Recieve thou white apparel. O, grant that the Two Lands which rejoiced to do homage unto Horus may do Homage unto Seth; and grant that the Two Lands which stood in awe of Seth may stand in awe of "Dwell thou with "as his God, open thou a path for him amoung the Shining Ones, and establish thou him amoung them!"

Part Five:

-Now Isis says:

"And thus the bismembered body of "is pieced together as the purified body of Osirus "

She spirals once outward, clockwise, and ends at the Nothern side-alter. She retrieves the Urn and, still clockwise, spirals once inwards to the North of the alter. She uncaps the urn and adds it's contents back into the Pentacle. She also leaves the Urn on the alter next to the Pentacle. She then spirals outward to the Eastern side-alter, retreaves that urn, spirals back inward to the East of the alter, and adds that urn's contents to the dish of rose-petals. This process is repeated again for the West, and then the South. Finally, She walks clockwise back to the East of the Alter, between Horus and Seth.

-Initiate remains kneeling. Anubis takes a step back. Isis, Seth, and Horus each stand with out-stretched arms like a cross, and perform the Analysis of the Keyword. All following God-Names are vibrated:

Isis: I

Seth: N

Horus: R

All 3: I

Isis: L (assumes position), the sign of the mourning of Isis.

Seth: V (assumes position), the sign of the destroyer Typhon and Apophis.

Horus: X (assumes position), the sign of the risen Osirus.

Isis: L

Seth: V

Horus: X

All 3: LVX! The Light of the Cross.

Isis: Virgo! Isis, Mighty Mother!

Seth: Scorpio! Apophis, Destroyer!

Horus: Sol! Osirus, Slain and Risen!

Isis: Isis!

Seth: Apophis!

Horus: Osirus!

All 3: IAO! Let the Divine Light Descend!

-Light is drawn down directly over the Initiate, and Isis makes sure it wraps around his aura in "mummy-fashion". When done, Anubus steps forward saying:

"Arise Osirus "thou art the Risen Osirus. Thou art Triumphant. Go
forth and offer sacrifice unto the Shining Ones, for thou art now amoung Them."

-Initiate is led by Anubis to the Veil. The Initiate parts it and offers meat on Horned Alter.


-Temple Closing.

The Rite is Finished.

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