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The Book Of Shadows

The Book Of Shadows Cover
Most Wiccan traditions treasure a Book of Shadows. Such books are rarely published or even shown to non-initiates. In them, the Tradition's specific beliefs and modes of worship are thoroughly or sketchily outlined. Though contents and organization of these ritual manners vary, most Books of Shadows include instructions for the circle casting and banishing; religious rituals; the consecration of tools; laws; coven organizational notes magical rites; prayers and perhaps herbal lore. Some contain lists of the Traditions
pantheon, training exercises for new students and, finally, initiation ceremonies.

Such books are vitally important to the establishment and maintenance of all Wiccan traditions, for without them, the tradition's specific rites and other lore must be carefully memorized and passed down by word of mouth. This always leaves room for error, misinterpretation, and even loss of the material. Don't misunderstand this: no Wiccan tradition has been able to record every single bit of information. Much is verbally passed from teacher to student. Still a tradition's Book of Shadows provides and unchanging guide and memory trigger for the practitioner.

There are many different Books of Shadows today. Some are used by hundreds of Thousands of Wiccans. Others are created by Solitary Wiccans and never shown to others.

Information from Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham

To me the Book of Shadows is a very special book. Mostly because it is innermost thoughts that come from your heart and soul As you study and Learn you will fill that book up with all kinds of things from Spells to Thoughts, To just writing how you are feeling about things. And it doesn't matter what kind of book of shadows you have whether it is a three ringed binder to a home made book. How you wish to organize your Book of shadows is up to you. Just make sure that you put as much love and care into as you do yourself. Cause that will always be a very special and important book in this Life's Path. And May the Goddess Shine Brightly in your Heart for Always.

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